Browns Grassland Renovator

The renovator enables three operations to be performed in one pass for total rejuvenation of pasture land.

  • The slitter aerates the pasture improving root development and relieving surface compaction.
  • The harrow attachment helps prevent thatch and moss build up.
  • Choose the Turbo Jet for reseeding / overseeding or the Fan Jet Pro for over seeding to repair damaged pastures.

Grassland is an important resource for the livestock farmer and maintaining high quality, low input and low cost grassland for grazing and/or grass feed is essential

    • Heavy duty frame
    • 8mm oil hardened steel spring tines
    • Three rows of tines
    • Tines set 25mm apart
    • Turnbuckle tine angle adjustment to adjust aggression of tines
    • 4.5m and 6m models hydraulically folding
    • Slitter Blade - max working depth 205mm
    • Weight box incorporated in frame
    • Towing eye fitted
    • Hardened tempered boron steel slitter blades
    • Adjustable rotor angle
    • Three point linkage
    • Spiralled rotor blades
    • Bearing protective skids
    • Wing weights available for 4.5m and 6.0m
    • Available with either Fanjet Seeder or Pneumatic Air Seeder

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Browns Grassland Renovator

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