Browns SubSoiler

Wet soils in the UK are a common problem and while surface drainage can remove excess surface water, it is the soil profile itself that needs to be drained in many situations. This allows the pastures and crops to reach their potential production and stock damage by treading and compaction to be reduced.

Mole drainage is widely used in heavy soils to improve productivity of pastures and crops. Mole drainage, on the right soil type and when installed correctly, can help reduce waterlogging problems substantially.  Mole drains are used in heavy soils where a clay subsoil near moling depth (400 to 600 cm) prevents downward movement of ground water. Mole drains are a more sophisticated drainage system than open drains. Mole drains do not drain groundwater but removes water as it enters from the ground surface.
The subsoiler is a tillage tool which will improve growth in all crops where soil compaction is a problem. Browns Regent subsoiler can disrupt hardpan ground down to 660mm in depth.

    • Fits cat 2 or 3 three point linkage
    • Adjustable 410mm swivel coulter
    • Blades made from special high grade carbon steel
    • Blades protected by a shear bolt
    • Depth wheels fitted as standard
    • Interchangeable subsoiler/moledrainer feet
    • Reversible & renewable leading edge
    • Maximum depth 660mm without coulter
    • Maximum depth 457mm with coulter
    • Maximum leg centres 2390mm
    • Parking stands supplied as standard
    • Maximum weight transfer to tractor rear wheels
    • Subsoiler wingkits fitted as standard
    • Can be fitted with flat or crumbler roller

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Browns SubSoiler

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