Kidd Flail Topper

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Kidd Flail Mowers

With Single Skin or Double Skin Shell and variable cutting widths from 1m (3ft 3″) to 3m (9ft 10″), our heavy duty and medium duty adjustable Flail Mowers also come in a choice of hydraulic or manual side-shift, single or double skin hoods.

• Single Skin or Double Skin Shell
• Cutting Widths 1.00m to 3.00m
• Manual or Hydraulic Side Shift
• Front or Rear Tractor Mount
• In line, Left or Right Side Working
• Fixed Hood or Adjustable Rear Door
• Large Diameter rear Roller
• Side Skids
• Spherical Rotor Bearings
• Whale Tail Forged Flails
• Simple Belt Adjustment
• Kevlar Banded Notched Drive Belts
• Drive Line Overrun Clutch

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Kidd Flail Topper

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