Krone Active mow

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ActiveMow        Work width
R 200               2.05m
R 240              2.44,
R 280             2.83m
R 320             3.22m
R 360             3.61m

  • Side-mounted mowers offering huge up/down travel
  • Coil springs optimising the ground pressure and adjusting without tools
  • Pto-shaft driveline for frictional connections
  • Robust and fully welded cutterbar without inner shoe
  • Quick-change blades
  • SafeCut: Individually protected discs
  • SmartCut: Stripeless cuts thanks to optimum blade overlaps
  • Compact in transport as the mower inclines to the middle of the tractor for optimum weight distribution and visibility
Available in A or B rotation

The eccentric bearings are positioned in such a way that the discs feed the material to the middle of the machine for the tractor to straddle it. With discs spinning in the A sense of rotation, ActiveMow R 200, R 240, R 280 and R 320 form one single swath whereas the ActiveMow R 360 forms two swaths with its discs also spinning in the A sense of rotation.

With discs spinning in the B sense of rotation, ActiveMow spreads the material across the full cutting width. Here the discs turn in pairs towards each other.

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Krone Active mow

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