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BiG Pack

The BiG Pack product range

BiG Pack 890 (XC) HighSpeed: With four double knotters and a chamber measuring 80 cm in width and 90 cm in height, this machine has proved its worth time and again – not just in straw but also in heavy, wet silage.

BiG Pack 1270 (XC/VC) HighSpeed: The 70 cm high x 120 cm wide chamber on this machine makes it truly versatile. Six single or double knotters produce firm and uniform bales in straw, hay and silage.

BiG Pack 1270 (XC/VC) MultiBale HighSpeed: This version enables you to pack up to nine small packs in one big bale. Big bales can be cleared quickly from the field, and the smaller packs are easy to distribute later on.

BiG Pack 1290 (XC) HighSpeed: These solid 1.20 m wide and 90 cm high bales are popular with farmers the world over. With its massive bale dimensions, this machine is mainly in demand for straw and hay, but it also handles silage successfully in some countries.

BiG Pack 4 x 4 (XC) HighSpeed: With a chamber height of 130 cm, you get fewer bales per hectare and save time and money on labour too – because the field is cleared fast. This baler is mainly used in straw and hay.

BiG Pack 870 HDP (XC) MultiBale: The “3-in-1” machine. Boating a 80 x 70 cm chamber, this model produces the same densities as a BiG Pack HDP. This baler also comes with the MultiBale function that enables contractors to respond flexibly to their customers’ needs.

BiG Pack 1290 HDP (XC/VC) HighSpeed: Rock-hard bales. Because the HDP high-density baling system and the longer baling chamber deliver up to 25% heavier bales than conventional systems. And this pays for itself fast in terms of haulage.

BiG Pack 1290 HDP II (XC): Higher density – higher forward speeds. With its eight double knotters, this baler produces up to 70% higher throughputs or up to 10% higher densities than the BiG Pack HDP HighSpeed. It also delivers a lot more power on the field, making your straw logistics more efficient.

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Krone Big Pack

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