Krone Big M 450

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  • Powerful and fuel efficient 449 hp Liebherr engine
  • Large 9.90 m work width for maximum productivity
  • Conditioners with steel tines or rollers (rubber or steel)
  • Heavy-duty cutterbar with SafeCut blade protection
  • Hydraulic running gear adjusts for more ground clearance
  • SilentSpace cab offers maximum operator comfort

With the BiG M 450 KRONE presents another upgrade of its self-propelled mower.  Offering huge work width, superior manoeuvrability, optimum weight distribution and tapping into enormous power reserves, BiG M 450 is the perfect mower for large and small fields, for flat and hilly land and for the most difficult soil conditions – a machine that excels in any  conceivable application in any field in the world.

When the swathing hoods are open, the material flows over the turning augers and spreads across the full machine width for uniform and fast wilting, thereby eliminating one tedding pass.

When both hoods are closed, the two augers feed the material directly to the central swath that was formed by the front mower – a strategy that substantially reduces crop loss and contamination and eliminates the raking pass.

Open one hood only and BiG M 450 swathes the material to one side. In one up-and-down pass the machine windrows 19.50 m into less than 13.00 m for easy follow-up with the four-rotor rake which groups it into one single swath – a system that makes perfect use of the following machines.

The V-type steel tines on the 64cm diameter rotor feed the crop past an adjustable baffle plate which rubs the wax layer off the plants. The V-tines are made from hardened steel and are arranged at a steep angle, treating the material very intensively and pulling it effectively through the unit.

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Krone Big M 450

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