Krone Big X 480-1180

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BiG X 480 | 530 | 580 | 630


  • 490-653 hp continuous engine output
  • „6 intake rollers for premium safety and a top quality chop
  • „MaxFlow chopping drums with 20, 28 or 36 blades, biogas drum with 40 blades
  • „KRONE VariQuick for ultra-quick changeover with or without grain conditioner
  • „OptiMaxx roller conditioners measuring 250 mm in diameter and 570 mm in width for intensive kernel processing
  • KRONE VariLOC for flexible choice of long and short chops
  • KRONE VariStream – spring-loaded plates beneath the chopping drum and at the crop accelerator ensure a continuous crop flow
  • „Convenient hoop coupler for easy attachment to the base machine
  • „Superb manoeuvrability from independent wheel suspension and wheel motors
  • „Optionally with four-wheel drive
  • „3 m machine width (depending on tyres) for easy travel on public roads

BiG X 680 | 780 | 880 | 1180


  • High-power and fuel efficient engines from 687 hp to 1156 hp.
  • 6 intake rollers for boosted reliability and a top quality chop
  • MaxFlow chopping drums with 20, 28, 36 blades; Biogas drums with 40 and 48 blades
  • OptiMaxx roller conditioners for intensive kernel processing
  • KRONE VariLOC for flexible choice of long and short chops
  • KRONE VariQuick for fast changeovers to conditioning or grass cutting
  • Convenient hoop coupler for easy attachment to the base machine
  • Enormous agility from independent wheel suspension
  • Height-adjustable comfort cab for optimum visibility

Versatile and flexible: Six pre-compression rollers and the 820 mm gap between the leading roller with metal detector and the counterblade not only enhance pre-compression but also protect the blades better against metal objects, even at high-speed intake. The hydraulic drive in combination with AutoScan adjust the chop length automatically to the maturity of the crop.

KRONE EasyFlow 300 S | 380 S

Large capacity: Working at widths of 3 m and 3.8 m, the EasyFlow pick-up on a BIG X gives the machine plenty of intake capacity. Depending on the swath width and your working speed, you can vary EasyFlow rpm steplessly from the cab or have it adjusted automatically to the current forward speed without the operator having to interfere. Its curved round steel bracket gives the Header the flexibility to pivot through a large angle and makes for easy attachment and removal.

KRONE XDisc 620

KRONE XDisc is a versatile direct cut header that cuts whole crop silage cleanly and without losses. The powerful and massive 900 mm diameter feed auger on the XDisc 620 works trouble-free even in dense and tall crops.

KRONE EasyCollect


High-power & high-efficiency: Working at widths of up to 10.5 m (34’5”), BiG X features the widest variable-row width header in the world. The endless collectors feed the stalks to the middle where they are turned through 90° and pulled in lengthwise.

KRONE XCollect

Three work widths: The new XCollect header is available in three work widths: 600-3: 6 m (9'8") (8 rows), 750-3: 7.5 m (24'7") (10 rows) and 900-3: 9 m (29'6") (12 rows). The three-section headers work to the well-proven EasyCollect collector principle. The XCollect splits the action of cutting and feeding into two separate processes.

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Krone Big X 480-1180

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